A great source of income in 2020!

Having a great source of income is the goal. You must have heard that the easiest way to be a millionaire is to have multiple streams of income. As such, that should be your focus in 2020!

Learning a new skill is not always easy. Furthermore, it may take up time that you could have otherwise used to actually make money. That´s why our website builder requires you to build a website in only 3 simple steps.

Step 1, choose a template. Secondly, add your content and customize it the way you want and lastly publish your website.

So, here´s how you make money with your new skill. First of all, factor how many websites you can do in a day. With the EAC directory website builder, you can easily design a complete website in under an hour.

Now, how do you calculate your markup? The cost of the builder varies. For example, if you are designing the basic website builder which costs Kes 3,999, you can sell it to a client for Kes 15,000. To add to that, we give a discount to all our students, so more earnings for you. On top of that, you also get a one-month free trial so you can demo the website to your clients.

How to get your clients

How do you get your clients? Getting clients is the hard part. However, businesses are being set up every day and that puts you at an advantage. You just have to be convincing enough. Make sure you approach as many business people as possible and sell your excellent skills. You can find them online or at events.

What sets your website design skills apart is SEO. Our SEO tool is very powerful and guarantees your clients a better website rank over their competitors.

Additionally, websites created on the EAC directory website builder have the Progressive web Application which guarantees a faster loading speed, better user experience for site visitors and higher conversion rates.

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